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About Us

We love Photography!

Only problem is people hate carrying around bulky items when they travel or are with friends!

Why not maximize the camera you most likely already have with you??

That is where Phonetographr comes in. Our solution is using your already good phone camera and finding the greatest accessory to take the best pictures you can with the camera you already have in your hand.

We are always improving our products and seek that perfect lens, case or other accessory to help your photography skills. Our team is always seeking companies and influencers pushing the boundaries in phonetography. Whether you travel the world or want to take the best photos with friends and family, we at Phonetographr want to be able to help and see your results!

In order to keep prices low we source our products from over seas and pass along the savings to you, however this does lead to longer shipping times. We try to make the shipping times explicit as possible throughout the purchasing process but we do understand it can still be frustrating to have to wait. 

We are a small team of passionate New England photographers and strive to bring unique products at affordable prices to our customers. “A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away.” ~ E. Welty

Robbie George/Owner


4 Boatclub Drive

Stratham, NH  03885