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Phone Photography Guide

Phone Photography Guide


With the current advancement in technology, there are numerous amazing inventions. Phone photography is one of the most interesting technologies we have at the moment. Everyone can relate to this type of photography because they use it regularly. It’s not about taking pictures but how you take them. You have definitely had embarrassing experiences with phone photography. At least once, your friend took a photo of you that does not look desirable such that you felt like deleting it. Anyone can take a picture but not anyone can take a great picture. You are probably wondering how you can take great pictures.

Just like taking pictures using other types of cameras, you will need guidelines on how to use your camera phone. Social media has made this whole thing of phone photography mind-blowing. For instance, look at instagram. There are amazing high quality pictures posted everywhere. You may wonder how you can keep up with such high standards of phone photography that are high catching. It is not rocket science, you can do it better than those who think are the best as long as you keep your mind to it. By learning tricks and tips of phone photography you can create magical images.

Important Smartphone Photography Considerations

Before going further, it is important to have a close look at some of the most critical things to consider about Smartphone photography. You don’t want to spend your money buying an expensive phone yet its camera quality is not what you were looking for. If you have a recent Smartphone, chances are that its camera is good. However, phone photography is all about standing out, capturing moments, and ensuring that quality is not compromised. Some of these considerations are:

Image quality

Before you buy a phone for camera purposes, you have to know the quality of images it produces. You are probably wondering what image quality means. Some of the things that you should look for are contrast, sharpness, saturation, and color (tint and white balance). You can as well read online reviews and look at examples of images taken with the same type of phone.


Gone are the days that cameras had small screens. We all love large phones that allow us to see all details. Do only focus on screen size; there are other important factors such as contrast quality and screen resolution that are equally important. These are helpful in taking pictures under tricky lighting conditions.

Image Stabilization

Most people do not consider this unless they are professional photographers. Most Smartphone cameras have the image stabilization feature. How does it help? You have taken pictures that appear blurred before and you know how disappointing they are. Image stabilization feature helps to reduce blurriness as a result of camera movement. This is something that makes a big difference in video and photo quality.


If you want to have access to a wide range of accessories and apps, choose those that are more popular. With popular brands, you can easily track down replacement for cameras, chargers, and USB cables.


What’s the point of having a great camera but your phone storage only allows for twenty high quality images? High quality images are large in size so you need a phone with a large storage. You also need to install different camera apps that also consume much space. For a 32 GB storage, you will have the freedom to capture all your favorite moments.

Device compatibility and operating systems

You probably feel comfortable using a particular operating system. If that’s the case, buy a phone that uses the same because you will be able to exploit your creativity. If you like iPhones, go for them. Also note that not all devices are compatible. Know which devices you will use regularly and whether they are compatibility. 

Camera Phone

Accessories for Smartphone Photography

Choosing the perfect camera phone and accessories should not be overlooked no matter the situation. Where do you start? Well, you need a Smartphone that has good camera app. You also need a charger in case the battery dies.. You don’t want to lose your expensive phone or some of its amazing features. That’s why you also need a screen protector and case.

Smartphones are delicate so you should know how to go about safety measures. A slight scratch on the camera will lead to low quality images. Spend extra bucks for safety gear and save yourself the agony of buying another pricey phone. Check online for the best screen protectors and casings.

If you want to take your phone photography to another level, there are other features that you will need. These non-essential gadgets can enhance various image properties:

Telephoto Lens Attachment

At times, you want to take a picture of distant objects. Most Smartphones are only effective when taking closer images. Worry no more if you plan to take pictures of objects that are more than 100 meters away. This type of lens helps to magnify an object up to 18 times. The lens can be attached to the phone using a clamp. This sounds like a great idea. A tripod is also provided to steady the phone. With such a camera when visiting a zoo, you will capture high quality images.

Portable Battery Bank

These Smartphone take videos for a certain period. You know that feeling when the battery dies while you are busy recording. You surely don’t want such disappointments. With a portable battery pack, you are in a good position to recharge your Smartphone. Hikers, campers, and travelers should not miss these portable batteries.


Various lenses work best under particular occasions. With the current level of technology, you can find a wide range of lenses suitable for Smartphone photography. Be sure to try macro lenses and wide-angle for the best results. has a wide selection of these lenses.

Waterproof case

There are times that water can destroy your phone. Maybe you have encountered this before. You may also want to take pictures underwater. That’s how you show your friends that your skills are beyond normal. With a fully waterproof case, you can submerge your Smartphone in water. You can also take pictures in rain, ocean or snow without any problem. For outstanding Smartphone photography, you need this.


A tripod is a must for those who want a clear photo in low light situations. Tripods are also great when doing time-lapses or slow motion blurs of water. A tripod is also ideal if you have a bluetooth remote to snap a picture with you and your friends in the scene. A selfie stick works well for this too. Todays tripods are small and portable and can be carried easily in your bag. They also sell a selfie stick and tripod all-in-one with bluetooth remote control for all your needs.


Nothing beats great lighting. Invest in a mobile LED light if you want to add some extra exposure and take your phone photography skills to the next level. You don’t have to have access to the perfect amount of sunlight or lug around a bulky light anymore. Camera phone LED lights can brighten up the glow of your next picture and give your phone photography a more professional look. 

Smartphone Camera

Tips and Tricks to Turn Ordinary Photos into Great Photos

Just like what other photographers do with their advanced cameras to take great photos, you need to do the same with your Smartphone. The basic things are understanding photography skills and good lighting. You probably make simple mistakes hence ending up with horrible pictures. Here are some tips and tricks for taking incredible shots with a Smartphone.

An extra second makes a lot of difference

Yes, that extra second will turn an image from normal to ‘wow’. Initially, you could take pictures without lining up a shot. During that time when cell phone cameras were introduced, the quality of pictures taken was low. With the current Smartphone camera, you can take crisp and clear pictures. You don’t have an excuse for taking horrible pictures hastily. Take your time.

All this means is that you should take time to ensure that include all interesting subjects. Your composition matters a lot so make sure that it’s good. Other things to check out for are the angles and ways of improving lighting. Where the viewer faces is also an important consideration. That extra second you take helps in getting the very best results from your camera phone.

Get close

The biggest challenge with Smartphones is that optical zoom is not provided. This means that zooming using Smartphone cameras distorts your photo. You need to figure a way out. You can crop your image even after taking it. However, the less editing and cropping you do, the better the quality of your photo. Get close to the subject and ensure that all details are clear. You can as well buy zoom lenses to capture distant objects.

Smartphone Night Photography

Avoid the Flash

Flash light is helpful but it can be really harsh at times. A camera flash creates awkward shadows and highlights. It not only brings unwanted reflections but also affects image colors. Only use the camera flash if that is the only way you can capture an image. Try to find a way to take a picture of your subject without turning on the flashlight. Make good use of natural light or look for light that is a bit softer than the flash. You will get more lighting and the overall quality of your picture will improve drastically. Use a tripod in those low light situations.


Not everything in a scene can make a great photo. You should decide what to capture and what to avoid. For instance, if the horizon lies in the middle of an image, the photo may appear strange and unbalanced. The viewer may get confused because they may not be sure about whether to face the sky or the ground. Make a point of learning some principles of composition and get the best results in your photography.

Rule of thirds is an essential element to great photographers. When you first held a camera, you felt the need to have the subject at the center. If anything, the subject should be the center of attraction. This rule does not work all the time, it makes some images awkward. Ensuring that the image is that the center may at times makes a photo lose its balance. This may be contrary to what you always know. The Rule of Thirds helps in solving the problem of unbalanced images.  When shooting, it is advisable to place the subject in various positions such as a third from the right, from the bottom, and from the top. Stock photographers use this rule to make photos more compelling.

The editing feature in your phone is there to help you improve the quality of pictures. Cropping is a great way to improve the composition of a photo. If your picture has poor composition, turn it into an amazing masterpiece by using the cropping feature.

Camera Apps

Your Smartphone has a default camera but you can always try other better options. Most people relax and only use the already installed camera. Explore various options and you will be surprised by the final results. The camera app is okay but you want something outstanding. Don’t settle for less. You want great shots, don’t you? Upgrade the camera app.

It is worth noting that third-party apps offer a wider range of settings than standard camera apps. If you install an upgraded version, you can set the focus as you want. There are also various flash options for you. You can as well take burst shots and many more.

The demand for third-party camera applications is high meaning that designers are in constant competition to improve their apps. Some notable apps are Camera 360, ProCamera, Manual, and Camera ZOOMFX. Install one of these and compare the quality of photos you take with your standard camera app. Just don’t settle for any of them, ensure that you use the best that suits your needs.

Learn to edit pictures

You don’t have to go to college for you to learn phenomenal editing skills. You can explore various options by yourself or take an online course. It is easy and fun to make minor adjustments to your photos through an app. This way, you will get great pictures within a short time. There are different photo editors that you can install in your Smartphone. Read online reviews and make a decision based on what you find most suitable for you. Slightly increasing the warmth and saturation of a photo can lead to notable differences. Explore different options such as grain, fill light, and contrast to see what appears appealing to you. These simple things that you often ignore change the quality of photos a lot.

Clean Lenses

Most people tend to overlook what a clean lens can do. Most of the time you only concentrate on the subject and forget to clean your lenses. Your phone goes in your handbag and pocket all day long thus accumulating dirt. Small dust particles get the lens dirty. Other sources of dirt may be makeup, food wrappers, and natural skin oils. Wipe your lens on regular basis and you will never be disappointed.

You have probably experienced blurry photos that appear mysterious to you because the scene is clear and the lighting is okay. This is not the artsy blurriness but the unwanted one. There are times that you want to see details of everything so dirty lenses are going to make your picture less desirable. Always have a lens cloth to clean the screen before you start your photography session.

Taking photos in bursts

This might be tiresome but one of the best options. In the past, you could only see your photo after the film is developed and processed. Those days are long gone. You should take advantage of this technology and take many shots. Take as many shots as you can. After the event or when you are not busy, you can review the images you took. Take the best and delete the rest. Most Smartphones have a burst mode that helps you try this method of photography. Third party cameras also have a burst mode. You can use this mode for taking family and wildlife photos among others. This is a great way of learning how to take professional photos with your phone.

Top Smartphone Camera apps

Some of the things that you should learn is smartphone apps and how they help get better results. If you come across a smartphone photography guide, you will note that it insists on installing camera apps. What do you really benefit from such? Well, let us look at some of the apps and make an informed decision.

Camera +

This is a popular app that has been there for years. It still remains one of the best camera options for your Smartphone. With this app, you will come across a responsive interface that has powerful features. The fast interface is also fun to use. For instance, you can have different exposure points, macro mode, and portrait mode among others. Camera+ has several photo adjustment tools and filters. You will also enjoy several scene modes, crops, landscapes, and borders. You can reveal hidden details by making intelligent adjustments using this app.

Camera Zoom FX

At times, you need to be fast to capture perfect moments. This app offers you this opportunity. This camera app is said to be the fastest. There is no doubt to this claim because its pictures are amazing. Do you know that it can shoot 50 or more frames per second? What an incredible speed! For action shots, you should have this camera app.

ProCam 6

You need a camera that is good at both photo and video taking. This is where ProCam 5 comes into play. This type of camera includes all details in still photo shooting. You should not have a worry while taking 3D photos. It does well at night, has a portrait mode, slow shutter tools, and burst modes. Most camera apps miss features for taking professional looking videos. ProCam will serve you well.


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